Mobile Marketing Services

When a customer visits your site from a mobile device now there is a good chance that they are seeing a website that wasn’t specifically designed to work with mobile meaning that content is often lost or worse, it won’t even load. Mobile optimisation is the process or creating a mobile version of your site that gets your customers the information they want when they want it. You need to make sure that you are not driving your customers away and offer a complete mobile solution that not only works but provides users with the information that they came for. There are many different ways to optimise for mobile such as using mobile specific site themes, redirecting users to mobile optimised pages and even creating entire mobile mini-sites.

Responsive Design

Although this is one of the toughest methods to integrate with an existing site as it usually requires a complete design overhaul, Google recently announced that this was their prefered method of mobile optimisation and what Google says on search, websites should typically follow. Responsive design works by creating one layout that detects the type of device a user is viewing your site from and then resizes all the elements automatically and can even add or remove content for different styles of device.

Mobile Version

This is when a completely different layout is developed especially for mobile devices that typically appears more native inside a phone environment. There are many tools that make this process easier and less costly than creating a full responsive design however it often means maintaining different content for each or at least two entirely separate layouts.

Tap To Call Functionality

Whichever method of design you choose if you want to easily allow customers to call your business it’s possible to add a simple button to the mobile version of your website that allows your visitors to simply tap or click to instantly connect a call through their smartphone. This leads to great efficiency and means that people can easily call you even if they don’t have a pen to note down the number

QR Code Marketing

These are the little barcodes that you have probably seen in a good amount of places. Over the past several years usage of QR codes have grown in popularity and they are a great way to offer unique content to users when they discover one of the little barcodes in day to day life, perhaps through a flyer, business card, or even in your store. When linked with promotions these can be a very powerful marketing device for targeting people who own a smartphone.