Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing is one of the most underused marketing channels by local businesses yet it has massive potential to get your website in front of the people who matter the most. You may notice that when you run a search for a service in particular area Google actually highlights local businesses and shows a map of their locations. Whilst some of this happens automatically there is a huge amount that can be done to claim your listing and bring visitors straight to your site from the search results.

Google Places Optimisation

We can claim your business on Google Maps for you, hook it up with your site, add photos that highlight your business in search and even share online offers to get customers insider your store. Google Places is one of the biggest opportunities for local businesses to leapfrog over your competition in the search engines, not to mention get extra exposure for mobile searchers.

Facebook Places Listings

This is similar to creating a traditional Facebook marketing page however your business gets added to the on site directory as a place where your customers can check in, leave reviews and help to bring your business to the attention of other local users on Facebook.