EU Cookie Law ComplianceWhilst the governing bodies have been clear that your website must provide visitors with a method of informed consent, what they haven’t been so clear on is exactly how you, the average business owner or webmaster, can actually comply with the law. When developing the Cookie Clear service we spent weeks researching exactly what it takes to protect your business and have developed a three step process that should make any website cookie compliant.

Cookie Audit 1. Cookie Audit

The very first step in complying with the cookie law is to start understanding which cookies your site sets and what they do. During this process we will analyse representative pages from your site to create a catalogue of the cookies that are set and we will check them against a collection of databases containing thousands of different cookie identities.  Once the discovery process is complete we will compile a table that states the name of all cookies that your site sets, their purpose, level of intrusiveness and any other information where possible.

Cookie Policy 2. Cookie Policy

Working with the results of your cookie audit we will use our custom policy tools to create the perfect Cookie Policy for your site that covers all of the various types of cookies that your site uses. At this stage we can also add the cookie policy to your website including the results from your Cookie Audit so that your users can make informed decisions about consent. This is an essential step in creating awareness and meeting the level of “informed consent’ required by the Cookie Law.

Cookie Consent 3. Cookie Consent

The final step in Cookie Law compliance is actually gaining the consent of your users. We have a variety of tools at our disposal that we can implement on your site depending on the systems that it uses as well as the level of consent that you desire for your users. Under UK law implied consent is accepted so you can simply add a notice to your wbesite for new visitors that links to more information however in other parts of the EU this may not be enough to comply with your countries implementation of the Cookie Law.

Make My Site Cookie Compliant

Please Note: Although the team working on are experienced web professionals, we are not lawyers, and this service should not be considered legal advice. The services we offer are based on both our understanding and that of many industry officials that we referred to when researching how to make our own sites cookie compliant. The three step service is provided without any guarantee, either explicit or implied, that your site will be fully compliant.

That stated, the three step process we implement for compliance comes highly recommended by almost all official bodies and evidence of undertaking the processes provided by Cookie Clear shows willingness to comply which should protect your site from costly legal action. If you want to verify complete compliance then you should consult a legal professional within your own country who has experience with digital and EU law.